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March 10, 2008

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Bubba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubba
Age: Seventeen year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lilac Crown Amazon
Home: Kailua, Hawaii, USA
   Hi! This is Bubba, my seventeen-year-old Lilac Crown Amazon. Actually she is a cross from a Red Lored and Lilac Crown, so she is very special. She has beautiful orange eyes that flash when she is excited! Here she is doing her favorite thing, eating! She has a staple diet of Zupreem pellets, and gets fruit and veggies and pine nuts too. I buy this special bread that has nuts in it that she loves, she is eating that in this picture.

    She has a very good vocabulary, she says, "Hi," "hello," "how are you, no biting!" "Go potty, what are you doing." "yum, yum, yum," "is that good?" "I love you," "Go sleep sleep" and more. She loves to cuddle at night when I am watching TV. She sits on my shoulder and I give her skritches and she grooms my eyelashes! She and I have been through a lot together in seventeen years, and I cannot imagine life without her. I love her very much and feel blessed to have her little energetic and loving self in my life. I hope she lives a long, long time.

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