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March 9, 2008

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Lily, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lily
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peacock
Home: Climax, Michigan, USA
   This is a photo of my pet peacock "Lily". He is five years old and lives in Climax, Michigan I have several "barnyard birds" that have many interesting stories and personalities, but Lily's story is unique even in my flock. Before Lily came to live with me, I had two white peahens; Winston & Emily.

    One of my peahens went missing; and after a time of fruitless searching, I got a call from a concerned neighbor. She had heard a rumor that two young men took Winston from my yard; and then bludgeoned her at a neighbor's graduation party. Allegedly other party-goers took it upon themselves to then put her out of her misery, and her carcass was thrown in a ditch.

    With the help of some caring neighbors, the men were caught and brought to "justice". The whole incident was very unsettling to my husband and I; so in an effort to restore our faith in the community, one neighbor surprised us with the gift of a pea chick. He was so tiny when they presented him; he was in a table-top bird cage. I named him Lily because he was so small, frail-looking and lily white. I never imagined that "she" would grow to be a proud peacock.

    It was difficult raise a lone chick. He always appeared cold, alone and he would cry when he was left in his small cage. Eventually, to console him, I put him in a "fanny pack" nestled in some tissue paper. He seemed to like his "nest" as he would stop crying and chirp softly whenever I put him in it. He went with me to many places that he probably shouldn't have; hidden in his nest. He even went to the hospital, to visit a friend recovering from open heart surgery.

    Eventually; he outgrew the fanny pack and graduated to a back pack. When his tail grew long he outgrew the back pack and joined the other birds in the pen. Peacocks do not get their long tail feathers until their third summer. By then changing his name to a masculine one was not possible; he was "Miss Lily." Now he seems bent on defending his masculinity; and come springtime he will show his plumage to anything or anybody; but especially to me, his "girl".

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