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June 29, 2008

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Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: Deceased, Eleven and
a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA
   This is my best friend Jack. I received him as a late Birthday gift from my husband and kids on June 19th 2007. We were just leaving the next day to go camping for a week so of course we had to take him along as he was just a baby. He was so afraid of everything he would popcorn around his cage whenever anyone would come near him, thus his name because he looked like he was trying to jump out his box.

    He soon calmed down and began trying to climb his wall of the cage every time I walked by. Because of where his cage was located you had to reach down and pet him whenever you walked past the cage to go to the living room. So of course he became Very friendly.

    I even started taking him to church for the kids to see him during our Sunday School lessons and he was used to let the kids understand the importance of how we are to treat even the little creatures in this world.

    I loved Jack very much. He would come to the edge of his cage and climb every time I called and talked to him like he wanted to come out and see us, which he did a couple of times a day. I would get him out almost every night after the kids went to bed and he would curl up on my chest and watch TV for a while. He wasn't a cuddler as to say, He like to face away but he always liked to be petted and would completely flatten out and look like a big blob lying on my stomach or chest.

    Jack liked to eat. His favorite food was fresh grass in the summertime. I would put him out under the top part of his cage along with my two other critters Valley and Cupid (they are Degus) and after they were done eating for a while all three would cuddle up together and take a nap, it was the cutest thing.

    Alas Jack passed away very suddenly on May 26, 2008. I was completely devastated, and cried for days. It still hurts just to think about him. He is very missed by his little friend Teddy who my daughter got a month ago. (He is a Teddy Bear guinea pig). They shared the cage together.

    My only consolation is that I do have many photos of him and I am going to put his picture on one of my favorite shirts this week.

    I hope you enjoy Jack as well. He was a very special guy.

Jack, the Pet of the Day

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