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June 26, 2008

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Miracle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Miracle
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Horses
Home: Townsend, Delaware, USA
   Miracle is a miniature horse. What makes the little guy so special? He was named Miracle because his birth was difficult. He was a dystocia foal. That means he was positioned in a way that is difficult for him to come out and his mother had gone through a very long and difficult labor with no results. This is common in Miniature Horses.

    The attending veterinarian came to pull him out of his mother and said his foreleg was folded across his face. This is why he could not leave the birthing canal. She simply moved his leg and he came right out. His mother was in labor for so long they had assumed his blood supply was cut off and he was not alive. They were wrong. He started blinking and snorting much to everyone's surprise. Hence his name, Miracle. I am a veterinary technician and I work overnights at an animal hospital. One of the vets and I were sitting chatting one night and asked me where I bought my Minis from. I told her the owner and she started telling me this story of dystocia. It was my horse. I had known that Miracle's birth was bad and that he wasn't supposed to be alive. We put two and two together and when I showed her a picture of him she confirmed it was him. Delaware is a very small state.

    I bought Miracle a couple of years ago. His trainer had done so many wonderful things with him that he was a "turn key" horse. She had lent him to a young girl who was in a wheel chair so he had been exposed to that. He had been shown and done very well. The trainer has four children, three of which are boys. Those kids put so much time and effort into him that there is nothing that phases this little guy. It also explains his instant attraction to young boys.

    Miracle lives with us now. He shares his home with a regular sized Arabian Horse Protopopov, another Mini named Twinkle, a pot bellied pig Bacon, two turkeys named Albuquerque and Turkeydactyl, and four dogs. The little child with him in his pictures in my daughter, Savannah.

    Miracle is not only special because of his birth, he also has a job. Currently he goes to school and mentors children with me. He especially helped one young girl who was very shy. She became his trainer and had to learn to walk him with her head up high and shoulders straight. He also took her out to the playground during recess and all of the children had to ask her questions about the horse and if they could pet him. She had to be the boss and take control of the situation. I don't know if we cured anything for any of the kids we help but I am sure we make their days just a little bit brighter.

    Miracle loves to play chase. This game consists of him out in the paddock and you running after him chasing him. It is usually when we are trying to get him to do work, though.. LOL.. He is very good at this game. Miracle hops right up into our mini van to go places and loves to stop at McDonalds to get their little apple pieces in the drive thru. He plans on expanding his visitations to see more children who love animals and need some special time and attention. He would like to work with kids who are in the foster system.

Miracle, the Pet of the Day

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