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June 21, 2008

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Marvin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marvin
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Silver Ferret
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi all!!! My name is Marvin. I am an extremely handsome neutered male silver ferret. I am one of many fuzzies here and am so very spoiled. My mom is sending my photo, out of all of us, since I was apparently the only one of us who stayed still for more than one second this day. We ferrets have a lot to do, ya know.

    As you can see, one of my favorite things to do is play in crinkle sacks and tunnels. We are all about fun. Mom says we are better entertainment than tv. We jump all around, wrestle, and of course hide our special toys. Oh yeah, and sometimes we hide some of mom's things too, when she isn't looking. Shhh, don't let her know though, because so far we still blame it on the dog. That way I never get in trouble. At least, that's what I wish! Still, it is a fun place to live!

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