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June 8, 2008

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Pete, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pete
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: India Blue Peacock
Home: Rankin County, Mississippi, USA
   On a warm Saturday late last spring, my mother and I were sitting in our backyard enjoying the nice day and just chitchatting. It was just a typical lazy weekend in the South. All of a sudden, I saw a movement in the yard of the empty house next door and figured it was a cat. Next thing we know, a scraggly looking peacock came wandering up to us! Now, we don't live in the city, but it isn't exactly the country either, so we had no idea where this fellow came from (and still don't 'til this day). Mom was eating grapes, so she offered him some which he readily accepted. Over the next couple of weeks "Pete the Peacock," as we dubbed him, would randomly show up in our yard from time to time. We continued to feed him fruits, veggies, and some birdseed donated by our conure parrot, Rowdy, and he gradually grew into the beautiful bird that he is now.

    We checked with the county and city about Pete, and they sent out an animal control officer on several occasions, but they never could find or catch him. Our local zoo already has so many peacocks, that they didn't want him. In the meantime, Pete began showing up at our house on pretty much a daily basis. He now splits his time between our house and a neighbor's house down the street, where he plays with their two little girls and two kittens. We assume he spends his nights somewhere in the wooded area behind our houses, he doesn't seem interested in coming inside at all.

    Although we have been warned by people that peacocks are messy and loud birds, Pete is a real sweetheart. He's a friendly fellow who rarely ever makes a sound. Unfortunately, he's a little camera shy, so until now, I hadn't been able to get any photos of him with his tail feathers spread in all their glory. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him now and no one bothers him, so we just decided to let him live with us as long as he likes. I guess Pete adopted us! Oh, and Pete likes to sit on our deck and look through the window at our cats and likewise, they can sit and stare at him for hours!

Pete, the Pet of the Day

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