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July 27, 2008

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Priscilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Priscilla
Age: Deceased, One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Milan, Italy
   This is my beloved gerbil Priscilla. She and her husband Cacino were my boyfriend's Christmas present two years ago and I was her mum and her best mate. She was so cute and so smart ... I loved her so much! I used to prefer her to Cacino because every time I opened the tank she was always the first to come out. She used to sit on the bottom of the tank and stare at me waiting for some treats or sunflower seeds. Her favorite treats were a kind of small biscuits in the shape of fruits ... she loved the strawberry! Every time I held her she used to slip into my sleeves, climb on my arm and all over under my shirt! When I let her and Cacino go around in my room she always stayed near to me, climbing on my legs, staring at me in search of cuddle or treats! If I had been a sorcerer she would have been my familiar!

    We were best friends! She was so cheerful, so restless in running around the cage, chewing paperboard or hay and so on ... She was a good mum too! She and Cacino had beautiful babies and Priscilla had been the best mum ever for them!

    When she passed away, a few days before Christmas, she was only one year old and it was terrible. I loved her so much and I could not bear to see my little princess go away! My boyfriend and I made her a little grave in my yard under a big tree which I can see from my window. It was a very sad day for all of us. I'm sure that Cacino misses her as we do ...

    The day Priscilla went away from us she left four puppies, they were only three weeks old and we were so upset about them! Thankfully they survived and now I have three beautiful ladies so similar to their mum Priscilla: Mafalda, Magò and Scheggia! They are the cutest ladies in the world and I love them as much as I loved her mother. I hope Priscilla will be happy to see that her human mum loved her so much and that her daughters are loved as she was. Cacino now lives with two of his sons, Ferruccio and Norberto, and I hope he is happy ... because since Priscilla has gone away I'm very fond of him, maybe I feel guilty because I used to prefer Priscilla to him, or maybe because petting him It appears to me to still have Priscilla here in my hand.

    It is so hard for me to talk about my little princess because the sorrow is still so loud in my heart, but I hope all of you to understand how special was Priscilla to me. She was the best lady gerbil ever and she will be the pet of the day in my heart forever.

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