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July 22, 2008

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Homer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Homer
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: French lop Rabbit
Home: Southport, UK
   My rabbit's name is Homer he is two years old and his birthday is on the 15th June 2006. Homer is so naughty but so cute! Once when we went on holiday he went to my mamas and she was on the phone and. My auntie Julie who was on the other end of the phone thought that my mama had fell off the stool so my auntie Julie rang my other auntie who lives down the road from my mama. She had to leave her kids on their own and came running up to my mama to see whether she was alright but it turned out that Homer had chewed the wires and he also took some of the wallpaper of the walls and it was new, so then my one-year-old cousin "helped" and finished it off ! Homer has also out stayed his welcome at my nannie's too, so he has to stay at a neighbor's farm when we go away. They are more used to rabbits.

    The last time Homer stayed there he stayed in a cage and when they left him at night the catch was on. Homer kept thumping and thumping and eventually the cage opened, and in the morning he had jumped into another pen, and Homer and some other rabbits and guinea pigs were all lined up!

    Homer is so cute! If you stand up for a while and stand still, then Homer will run circles around you. And if he wants you to stroke him, he'll stand up on his back to feet and reach you with his front paws. It's so cute!

Homer, the Pet of the Day

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