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July 12, 2008

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Addison, the Pet of the Day
Name: Addison
Age: Five weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cochin Chicken
Home: Birnamwood, Wisconsin, USA
   Addison is one of our sweetest chickens. She will come to us whenever we but our hand in the brooder box. She loves attention and loves to lay on your chest and sleep. She is just two weeks old in this picture.

    I could go on and on about Addison. She was very shy when we first got her from a hatchery and what I did was handle her five minutes every day for the first week and then the second week I took her out for up to ten minutes a way. No treats in her brooder box but once I got her out I gave her a treat at our chicken desk (their special desk where I take them one by one to talk to them) Now she is five weeks old and she loves shoe strings! When I wear my shoes in their coop and sit in my chair she is always grabbing and tugging at my shoe strings. She is very affectionate and talks to me in her own chicken voice. She has two little cochins that she watches out for. They are two week younger then the other hens and if one of the bigger hens start giving Steele or Lily a rough time she steps in to protect them. The three of them also sleep together :) She is by far our favorite girl, although we do love all our hens. Addison is just our special little girl.

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