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July 7, 2008

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Luna, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Crested mix
Home: UK
   Hello, this is my guinea pig Luna! She is about seven months old, she is an american crested cross and comes from the UK. Luna was bought from a pet store as a companion for my other female guinea pig but it turned out that my other guinea pig was a boy even though the pet shop said he was a girl, so Luna became pregnant. She gave birth to three babies and they were all happy and healthy. She had two boys and one girl.

    In case you did not know, guinea pigs can become pregnant as young as five weeks old, but they shouldn't be allowed to be bred until they are five month old. Thankfully, Luna did okay. You should always have your new pig checked by a vet, just to make sure it is the gender the people you got it from said it was, just to be safe.

    Luna is a very special pig and I love her sooo much, her companion died but is Luna is now living happily with her daughter. Luna has been through such a lot, but she is a sweet guinea pig, and very friendly. She likes to run around and explore, we put down cardboard tubes and she uses them like tunnels - though you can see she also nibbles the edges! She is a brave pig and she is my friend.

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