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January 28, 2008

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Best Shot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Best Shot
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jersey Wooly Rabbit
Home: Freeland, Michigan, USA
   Schultz's Best Shot is a Jersey Wooly rabbit. Since she is one of my home-bred rabbits, it is a real big deal to win with her. So on May 12, 2007, she won Best in Show at a rabbit show beating about 500 rabbits. I was so excited for us and even more excited for her. We have been waiting for this for two years. It took her a while to grow into the beauty she is now. That's her Best in Show trophy behind her in this picture - it is the taller one and is bigger - and much heavier - than she is!

    My bunny Best Shot is a very sweet rabbit. She is very pretty and she loves to go to shows, she knows when it's show day. She really doesn't do any tricks, but she does always know when she is on the show table and knows when to pose at the right time! That is how we know she likes it - she's just "on" for the show, like any star! Her personality is hard to describe, she loves to be held and petted, but she doesn't like to much of it at one time. But she is really sweet.

    You can see my other bunnies, and another photo of Best Shot here: Royal Dream Rabbitry.

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