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January 26, 2008

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Kah, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kah
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Colombian Red Tailed Boa
Home: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
   This is Takara (tah-kah-rah) which is a Japanese word for our precious treasure, we call him "Kah."

    This little guy brings so much joy to my day. I got him when he was only about two weeks old. My boyfriend surprised me with him one Saturday. I have wanted a boa for a long time and he makes a perfect addition to our family. He is the least demanding pet I have ever owned. He loves to be out of his tank exploring things, he's very curious about everything!

    He hates our dog, I just pray the day never comes that he has the dog for dinner - just kidding. We always keep a close eye on him when he's out and about, for his own safety, so there's no danger of that ever happening. He is only two feet long right now but I look forward to watching him grow and having him around for many years to come :-) This picture was taken just after he had shed, so you can see his marking are very clean and the red very bright. Isn't he handsome?

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