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January 15, 2008

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Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Samantha
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siberian Hamster
Home: Tucson, Arizona, USA
   Samantha (Sam for short) is a very fun to have hamster. She is very fussy about her home. Every time we move it or change her bedding, she is busy putting things the way she likes it.

   Sam is my first hamster that I have ever had. I have a dog name princess and a gold fish named Goldie. A friend of mine had two hamsters, a Black Bear hamster named Maxine, and Siberian hamster name Skittles, and she is the daughter of these guys, hence the name SAM. She is a lot of fun to play with. I have a race track that she runs on in her ball. She has a large cage area with a two story house. She loves to run in her tubes also. We also have a vacation home for her.

   What makes her special to me is that when we were watching Maxine and Skittles for my friend, and Maxine had eleven babies and Sam is one of them. We watched Maxine taking care of the little ones. It was a great experience. Sam is missing her right rear leg. She has a stump their. This does not stop her from doing anything. She runs in her ball and climbs up her cages and across the top.

   Sam loves to try to escape. Know matter where she is, she thinks that on the other side would be better. She has to try to get out of her cage or her ball. We think, she must think 'the grass is green on the other side of the fence.' I love to lay with her on my bed and hold her. I also like to read to her.

   Sam loves to stuff as much food in her mouth as she can and hide it under her bedding. She will let you know if she wants to come out to play of if she wants to be left alone. If she wants to play she will come to the door on the cage and look up at you with the cutest face. If she wants to be left alone, she will run into her tubes and play that she is asleep. I love my Sam and so does my family.

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