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January 13, 2008

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Levi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Levi
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature horse
Home: Willis, Virginia, USA
   Levi is a heart thief. Myself, I have owned large horses most of my life. I even trained and raised them. They were more than a hobby, they were my love. Then I got hurt and had other health problems that made me have to let go of all my eight horses. (I cried for weeks.) Then my sweet husband bought me Levi and Michabo two little mini horses, and said "Now you have horses back in your life to play with, but they are not big enough to get hurt with." What a guy:)

    Now my joy and love is back in my life! With Levi and Michabo (not in picture) getting all the love I can give. Both guys are just the sweetest things in the world!

    Levi, he is a snuggles baby. He's always wanting kisses and hugs. Oh yes and a scratch on his tummy. Those big blue eyes just melt my heart. I think he has the most fun carrying my grooming bag off when I'm working on Michabo. As if to say this is mine and you use it on me. Levi is a thief for loving. Oh and he will step on my toes if he thinks I'm not paying enough attention. What a baby, when I get Michabo and him out for a walk together, I'm thinking their names should be changed from Michabo to Tiger, and Levis to Eeyore. Michabo taking off too fast, and Levi like "Oooohhh well if I have to, I'll walk more."

    Levi will walk into the house, and look around to check out the place then he's ready to go back outside. I just never have had a horse be okay with walking into closed places (without work). So this is the story of my guy!

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