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January 6, 2008

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Sequel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sequel
Age: Deceased, Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
   Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to Sequel (Midnight - Part II), my bunny. She passed away in 2006 right before Christmas, but she had a great life and I'd like to share her story with everyone...

    My boyfriend and I went to the pet store to buy food for all the other animals in my zoo (frogs, lizards, sugar gliders, cat, etc...) and I saw a black bunny in a cage all by himself. I went over with excitement and told my boyfriend that "he" looked just like a bunny named Midnight I had as a child. I leaned in and scratched behind his ears and he turned his head and closed his eyes with pure happiness. It was love at first sight. I looked down and his name was Midnight! I had to have him and we named him Sequel (Midnight Part II).

    For the next four years "he" hopped around. He spent his life chewing up furniture, wires, all my plants, and anything else he could get his teeth on. I loved him unconditionally. He was litterbox trained, so his cage could be open most of the time. Sequel was a very social bunny, and whenever I had company he'd hop up on the couch and sit next to them looking at them as if to say "Hey I'm over here, pay attention to me." It was always a great ice-breaker. Also, Sequel had this funny thing that if you tried to get him to do something he didn't want to do like go in his cage or pick him up, he run off kicking his back legs at you like leave me alone! Ha ha what a sight to see! Sequel was also a very strange bunny. He didn't like carrots and was very picky what he would eat. He especially liked the fattening bunny food that you're not really supposed to feed bunnies with all the different seeds. He would pick out what he liked and then flip his bowl and bang it up against the cage to tell me to get him more of the good stuff. He would also always stand up on his back legs and bite the bars on his cage to make enough noise till I came over and opened the cage door so he could come out and hop around...

    Sequel was always so funny when I was cleaning the cage. As if to say "Hey what are you doing to my house", Sequel would run around pulling at my pant legs and trying to hop in the cage as I moved it or "help" me pull out the bedding. What a riot! Also, he would bury himself under his favorite towel until I couldn't see him and sleep for hours! Sequel was very, very smart and always knew what I wanted him to do - though he didn't always do it. I agree with what I read on someone else's Pet of the Day, that bunnies are not meant to sit in a hutch in the backyard their whole life. They are very smart, very trainable house pets, and can be just like having a cat around the house, only even more trainable. Though I could never teach her what not to chew, "bunny proofing" the house is just a small part of the fun of having a great friend like Sequel!

    Well I bet you're wondering why I keep saying he and she ... Well, Sequel got sick last Christmas. I took him to the vet only to discover that he was a she!! (The guy at the pet store told us he was a he, and she was always super healthy so I never took her to the vet before then.) Wow! No wonder she was kicking her legs at me, I was calling her a boy the whole time! Hee hee hee - well it's a good thing her name fit her either way. Anyway - it was about five days and Sequel wouldn't eat anymore (which is very bad for bunnies) and she passed away in my arms. It was very sad but I am so happy that I had a great four years with her and she did not suffer too long before she left for bunny heaven. (It could have been because female rabbits need to be spayed so they don't get sick - please do so if you have a female bunny - talk to your vet please!)

    I thank you for reading about my very special Sequel bunny! May she rest in peace!

    P.S. My co-worker got me a Christmas cactus when Sequel died - the funny thing is it blooms every year at Christmas (when she died) and at Easter (her favorite bunny time of year because she was so spoiled...) That's just Sequel letting me know she's ok!

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