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Annie the Belgian Annie
Cass County, Missouri, USA
January 01, 2008

Sunniva the Green Wing Macaw Sunniva
Green Wing Macaw
San Jose, California, USA
January 02, 2008

Kuci the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Kuci
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Virginia, USA
January 03, 2008

Tino the Lop Rabbit Tino
Lop Rabbit
January 04, 2008

Buddy the Guinea Pig Buddy
Guinea Pig
Iowa, USA
January 05, 2008

Sequel the Rabbit Sequel
Denver, Colorado, USA
January 06, 2008

Omicron the Hamster Omicron
Portland, Oregon, USA
January 07, 2008

Garrotxa the Texel Guinea Pig Garrotxa
Texel Guinea Pig
Chicago, Illinois, USA
January 08, 2008

Sedona the Rabbit Sedona
Stuart, Florida, USA
January 09, 2008

Papy the Cotorra Australiana Papy
Cotorra Australiana
January 10, 2008

Lil Guy the French Lop Lil Guy
French Lop
Berlin, Maryland, USA
January 11, 2008

Bart the Red eared Slider Bart
Red eared Slider
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
January 12, 2008

Levi the Miniature horse Levi
Miniature horse
Willis, Virginia, USA
January 13, 2008

Paris the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Paris
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Palatine, Illinois, USA
January 14, 2008

Samantha the Siberian Hamster Samantha
Siberian Hamster
Tucson, Arizona, USA
January 15, 2008

Milly the Miniature Lop Rabbit Milly
Miniature Lop Rabbit
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
January 16, 2008

Alfie the African Grey Alfie
African Grey
Stockton on Tees, UK
January 17, 2008

Unco the Husky Rat Unco
Husky Rat
Cradley, UK
January 18, 2008

Stanley O the Standardbred Horse Stanley O
Standardbred Horse
Vermilion, Ohio, USA
January 19, 2008

Peabody the Guinea Pig Peabody
Guinea Pig
Illinois, USA
January 20, 2008

Smokey the Saanen Alpine Goat Smokey
Saanen Alpine Goat
St. Albans, Vermont, USA
January 21, 2008

Bubbies the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Bubbies
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
California, USA
January 22, 2008

Rex 7 the Panda Bear Hamster Rex 7
Panda Bear Hamster
New York, USA
January 23, 2008

Bailey the Quaker Parrot Bailey
Quaker Parrot
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
January 24, 2008

Ace the American Quarter Horse Ace
American Quarter Horse
Texas, USA
January 25, 2008

Kah the Colombian Red Tailed Boa Kah
Colombian Red Tailed Boa
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
January 26, 2008

Aeva the Abyssinian Aeva
Minnesota, USA
January 27, 2008

Best Shot the Jersey Wooly Rabbit Best Shot
Jersey Wooly Rabbit
Freeland, Michigan, USA
January 28, 2008

Mister, Lizzie the Mallard, Pekin Duck Mister, Lizzie
Mallard, Pekin Duck
Georgia, USA
January 29, 2008

Pheonix the Quarter horse, walker Pheonix
Quarter horse, walker
Creedmoor, North Carolina, USA
January 30, 2008

Raskal the Dwarf Hamster Raskal
Dwarf Hamster
Yorktown, Virginia, USA
January 31, 2008

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