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February 28, 2008

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Corneleus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Corneleus
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Veiled Chameleon
Home: Longmont, Colorado, USA
   This is my beautiful boy, Corneleus. Since I was a child, I have always wanted a chameleon. Now that I am an adult, I had been reading up on them and finally decided that it was time to get one. So I had this little jewel shipped to me by a good breeder. When I first got him, he was smaller than a leaf! He has been growing at a steady pace since then.

    Corneleus is quite a character. He loves to be scratched when he is shedding his skin ... but he is very shy. When he gets angry or startled he puffs up like a little balloon. He changes colors depending on his mood... not to blend in with his environment like some kinds of chameleons. His colors are dark and they stand out when he is agitated, soaking up sun, or hunting crickets. Otherwise, his colors are light and drowned out by his natural green color. His colors get better every time he sheds his skin and he is still growing and getting more beautiful!

    Everyone who comes over to my house wants to see and hold Corneleus. He is the life of the party every day ... and one of my good friends.

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