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February 26, 2008

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Neela, the Pet of the Day
Name: Neela
Age: One year old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Indian Ringneck
Home: Sydney, Australia
   Meet Neela, my blue indian ringneck parakeet. We're pretty sure he's a male but won't know 100% until he grows the 'male ring' around his neck at around two to three years of age. He sure does love to talk, some of his famous lines include "What are you doing huh", "Hello baby! aren't you a good boy Neela", "Muuuumm come here, no biting!" He also loves to make sneezing noises and whistling. Neela learns (or copies) words and sentences very quickly so we have to be careful what we say around him because he's always listening!

    Some of Neela's favourite daily activities include chewing up his perches and anything else he can get his beak on, dipping his food into his water bowl, chasing his tail around in circles, doing his mating dance to his toy bell and flying around our house. Another favourite is bath time, he hangs himself upside down and dips his head into the water, what a mess!

    I've never clipped his wings so he is very use to having full flight around the house ... but once I let him out he's stuck to me like glue - Yep he's a real mummys boy!

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