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February 20, 2008

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Shadow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shadow
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
   Hi! I am Shadow. I am a guinea pig and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma with my humans and their two other pets, a cat and a fish. I love to chase the cat! When I chase her away I am so proud of myself that I "popcorn" with happiness! I love and adore my humans and they love and adore me. When I "wheek!" I am always rewarded with fresh veggies and sometimes fresh grass ... depending on the season! Come evening time, if I think that they have forgotten my daily cuddle, I stand at my cage door and squeak soft, sweet talk until my "mom" comes and gets me out. I love to cuddle on my family and watch a movie ... and sleep. It's so warm and snuggly there! When they let me out to play in my play pen I always manage to escape! What fun to make them try to coax me back into my play pen! My best friend, outside of my family, is a classroom guinea pig from my girl's school. Her name is Fluffy and she loves to come visit and! play! A lot of people comment on my colorful face ... most call it "an odd face" but I love it and so does my family! My face looks like this because I am from a line of show guinea pigs according to the lady my family got me from. I love to "purr" ... a lot, especially when my family loves on me and brushes me! As you can see, my family loves and adores me! I love and adore them, showing them with my "piggy" kisses on their chins. I am such a loving and happy little guinea pig!!

    I think I need a little "piggy" snooze so I should get going now! Bye for now!

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