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February 9, 2008

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Puff, Pumpkin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Puff, Pumpkin
Age: Three, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Introducing Puff and Pumpkin - Pumpkin is two years old and Puff is three years old. Three years ago, I received Creampuff (Puff for short) as a birthday gift from my cousins. She was only six weeks old, and about as small as a fist! Her favorite hobbies are begging for food, sitting on my lap, and getting groomed.

    One year later, we found out that most guinea pigs enjoy a cage mate, so another surprise arrived. One October night, we were driving home from a restaurant when my dad pulled into the Petsmart parking lot. A special orange piggy caught my eye, and we thought she was as orange and as round as a Halloween pumpkin. Now, Puff and Pumpkin are practically sisters. They both beg for treats, they both hate baths, they are both very friendly towards people, and they both love hiding in their pigloo almost 24/7. Sometimes my piggies can be stubborn, but they will always be my special little friends.

    They are both very friendly, not just toward each other, but to people, too. They do not bite, and they do not mind being petted and picked up. So my friends like them, too. They will squeak for treats and get very demanding sometimes, but they are very cute, so we give in every time. Could you resist those two cute faces with their wild fur? I cannot!

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