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February 4, 2008

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Koco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Koco
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quaker Parakeet
Home: Palatine, Illinois, USA
   Koco is my Quaker Parakeet. Koco doesn't like strangers, but is a sweetie when you're alone with her. She won't take a bath unless you show the running water to her. She does talk - she says her name, makes kissing sounds, and rolls her r's.

    Koco is my fourth bird, but I only have two at home now. I decided to get her because I had an egg reserved for myself, but it did not hatch. I had seen Koco before at a local pet store, but was waiting for my egg. After I found out the egg did not hatch, I bought her and have had her ever since. She's a little sweetheart!

Koco, the Pet of the Day

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