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February 1, 2008

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Bernard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bernard
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Bernard is a chocolate hedgehog, that is why he is called Bernard, I named him after my favorite chocolate. The day I bought Bernard, he was the only one in a litter of seven that unrolled and actually started to interact with me. Bernard is nocturnal, but loves to run around the house in the early evenings. He loves his dry food, meal worms, apple sauce and blueberry sauce. He hates treats and fatty additions, I would say he is a health buff! :)

    Bernard loves to play with empty toilet paper rolls and run on his wheel. One night I heard a jingly noise, got up and was looking everywhere and couldn't find where the noise came from. The next day, I went to feed Bernard and I couldn't find his bell balls anywhere. I later discovered he had pushed them into a toilet paper roll toy. That evening, I caught Bernard running around his space shaking the toilet paper roll with his mouth and dancing to the bells. Bernard loves to run on his wheel each evening. Bernard likes to interact, but he is a solitary at heart animal. In the wild hedgehogs only come together when its time to mate, other then that they stay to themselves. I have worked hard to get Bernard social, and its coming along wonderfully. Yet, unlike any animal, if you startle him, Bernard will raise his quills and start to huff and puff.

   That is why Bernard is so special and should win!!

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