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December 31, 2008

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Bruno, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bruno
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: French Lop Rabbit
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
   This is a photo of my six-month old French lop bunny, Bruno Kensington Charles Snoop Dog Westfall. What makes Bruno special is his affectionate nature. In the photo he is doing what we fondly call a "full snoopy pose" so that I will come over and pet him on the sofa. Who could resist?

    In addition, Bruno is very special due to his beautiful coloring. Officially he is a gold tip black bunny but he has the most beautiful golden mustaches under his nose, long black eye lashes and black eye liner, long black tail on top and opal underneath. His belly is a gorgeous opal color. Bruno is only six months old but he is a growing boy and we think he will be at least 16 pounds when he is full grown. My husband Richard and I love Bruno so much. He is the most loving bunny in the whole world!!

    Besides doing the "snoopy" when he wants attention, some other things that Bruno does: he will do circles around my feet and make little grunts; loves to kiss me by licking my hand or ankle; does head butts for attention; does amazing races around the house and on chairs and sofas; can spring two feet in the air at a dead stop! He also loves to play with his toys, tossing them with gusto.

    Bruno is completely litter-box trained and loves to hop in his box as we give him lots of "good bunnies" and fill it with timothy hay as positive reinforcement.

    Bruno demands a spoonful of greek yogurt every morning and papaya chunks in the evening. Otherwise he eats huge amounts of his baby bunny chow and timothy hay along with special lettuces for dinner.

    Our beautiful girl bunny Coco Gabriella passed away on July 10th of this year, and we heard about a litter of french lop bunnies about three weeks later. The young boy who breed Bruno really spent a lot of time with the baby bunnies and it really showed, as all of them were very affectionate. However, Bruno came home with us as he was the first bunny to kiss me!

    We love our big boy and are so glad he came home with us!

Bruno, the Pet of the Day

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