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December 20, 2008

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Ichi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ichi
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Skunk
Home: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
   Ichi is my black and white swirl coloured skunk. She is special because she is really unusual and loves to cuddle up and watch t.v. She also likes to go for walks on nice days. She loves to sleep and eat and loves playing with her toys, and my cat is her best friend. She comes running to meet me when I come home and loves to chase my toes.

    Domesticated skunks can legally be kept as pets in the UK. She was de-scented, but it is now illegal in this country to do it as of this year. You don't need a licence to keep them, but they are challenging to look after. I had to skunk-proof my house as they get into everything and will eat anything. Her diet is scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, yoghurt and dried meal worms for lunch, and mixed veggies, chicken or fish, pasta or rice for dinner. Once a week she gets live locusts/crickets and twice a week fruit, and a daily vitamin and mineral suppliment. She is very independent, but loves cuddling up to sleep. She does not know many tricks and won't do anything without food as incentive. She loves to run rings around my feet when I walk, and everyone who owns a skunk knows of the skunky shuffle she uses to get around. She uses a litter tray and has complete run of the house, except the bedroom. Her favorite toys are the treat ball and the ferret kong and the cat - she loves playing tricks on her. She also likes to play with me, she will chase me round the house, fluff up and stamp her front paws at me util I chase her back!

Ichi, the Pet of the Day

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