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December 14, 2008

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Edmund, the Pet of the Day
Name: Edmund
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Bear Hamster
Home: Los Angeles, California, USA
   When I bought Edmund, I sadly didn't get enough time to spend with him. He died a couple of days after buying him because the Pet Store wasn't taking care of the hamsters correctly. But even through that, Edmund the First was my first hamster I owned, and I loved him. He walked so funny and would bite other people's hands every time he had the chance to. The only person he didn't bite was me, it's like he trusted me already just after a couple of days. I call him Edmund the First because he was my first hamster, and he introduced me what good pets they could be, and how nice they can be. I have owned other hamsters since him, but he will always be my Edmund the First.

    I loved him and I miss me, that's why want him to be honored, as for a Tribute for his memory and the short time we got to spend together.

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