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December 11, 2008

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Samuel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Samuel
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: Columbus, Wisconsin, USA
   Hello everyone, I am Samuel a very handsome Sun Conure, who was born on April 17, 2007. I love to climb around on just about anything and beating up on my toys. My mother thinks I have ADD as I cannot seem to sit still for more then a few moments, but my Daddy says that is what makes me special. I enjoy doing paper crafts, tunneling throw towels, chewing on feet, searching for food, chewing on my brother Pugsley's ears (he's a rabbit) and hanging upside down while full on my brother Morgan's tail feathers.

    When I first came to my new house my brother Morgan, who is also a conure, didn't like me too muchh as he thought I was taking his Mommy away. However after I laid out my charms he came around and now we are inseparable. Whenever I cannot see him I start screaming to let him know that I miss him. This drives my parents crazy, but they just do not understand.

    I do a lot of impersonations when I am feeling extra goofy. I like to stick my tongue out like Gene Simmons of Kiss and also like to swing my head around like Stevie Wonder. I guess I just have a really good sense of humor. I am also a big eater and am always hungry. My parents are always amazed at how much I will eat in one setting, but I keep telling them that I am a growing birdie and need my nutrients.

    Although I am not a really good cook, my mother is slowly starting to teach me how to be a good helper. I tend to chew on her cook books instead of reading them, but the pictures look so tasty. I try to be on my best behavior though, but once my mother turns around I just cannot help myself. Although it isn't as much fun now that she has her new kitchen and has banned me to the island away from all of the goodies, but she still praises me with special bird friendly treats.

    When I am not clowning around and making everyone laugh I like to go for truck rides around town and even on long travels out of state. My favorite trip is when my parents take me and my brother Morgan to the Horicon Marsh where we drive through the woods and can look at all of the migrating birds. I get to show off my pretty colors and stick my tongue out at them and tell them that they are not as handsome as I am. Although there are some very weird looking birds who swim on the water. Some of them even have freakishly long necks, but either way, I do enjoy going there.

Samuel, the Pet of the Day

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