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December 7, 2008

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Cotton Candy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cotton Candy
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta Fish
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   This is a tribute to my betta fish Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy gets his name from his pink and blue coloring; just like traditional cotton candy! He loved to swim in his underwater castle, and hide inside (you can see the castle in the picture). While we are not sure how old Cotton was when we purchased him, he lived for over three years after we bought him as an adult! This is long for a betta, as the average life expectancy for bettas is only two years. Cotton knew when food was coming; whenever I fed him, I would turn the light on in his tank. This would bring him to the surface in seconds- whoever said fish weren't smart?

    I will never forget the first time Cotton flared at me; I thought his head was falling off! The betta I had previously never did this, and I had never heard of bettas doing it before. His gills were red like blood, which scared me even more. Thankfully, I found out that it is a common betta practice!

    Cotton Candy survived a disease which can be fatal to bettas, commonly called "popeye". This is where one or both of a betta's eyes becomes swollen, or "popped" out of their head more than usual. My family and I bought some medicine, and he recovered completely within a few days. What a trooper!

    I would like to thank my mother who took good care of Cotton Candy when I was unable to, and for making sure I remembered to feed him :) We will never forget you, Cotton!

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