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August 28, 2008

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Till, the Pet of the Day
Name: Till
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cinnamon Rabbit
Home: Waverly, Nebraska, USA
   What makes Till special is just about everything. He is the sweetest rabbit there is. He absolutely loves to cuddle with you for the longest times. He also loves to give you many kisses. He is very attentive, and well behaved. He needs no direction on where he is allowed to be, but he loves to push it, and to get into trouble, he's so adorable.

    I have had him for five years now, ever since I was thirteen, and he has been my best friend ever since. He is trained very well, to the point of being litter trained, and letting you know by nibbling your shirt - not biting - and tugging it a little to let you know he wants down.

    He loves to eat a lot, as well. His favorites are green apples, cabbage, mint, and his malt-flavored bunny digestion helper. He's also one smart cookie. He loves to play tricks on you, by running around you, and sneaking in nibbles on stuff he knows he's not supposed to.

    He's absolutely the best bunny ever, I love him very much. He is always my Pet of the Day.

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