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August 21, 2008

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Pepper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pepper
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf, Dutch
Home: Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my little baby. Pepper lives in Pennsylvania and he loves his cage and he loves to run around in it. He is a Dutch and Dwarf mix bunny. I got Pepper when he was one year old. My friend gave me him for my birthday, as she knows we have bunnies, and he was in a little box. He was really scared and I was afraid that he would have a heart attack! That's how scared he was, poor bunny!

    He is two years old now. His birthday was in June. Pepper likes to pose for pictures like he is doing in this picture. He loves getting his picture taken. Pepper doesn't like to meet new bunnies or people because he is afraid they will hurt him. Pepper gets scared easily, so you can't be to loud, unless you are talking to him. I talk to him in a loud and happy voice so he will get excited. But that only works for me, with other people he gets scared.

    I feel so bad for him because he gets a stomach ache whenever it gets really hot and he can't eat carrots or grass (not even a little piece of grass or carrot) because he will get a bad stomach ache. But he gets plenty of hay, and food that he can eat.

    He is really small compared to the other bunnies we have. Pepper loves to play with my one bunny named Chicken, but he doesn't like Chicken's dad named Buddy. Pepper loves to lick me and my brother. He loves to dig and play in dirt and hay. He eats anything though, because one day I dropped my key in his cage and the key has a leather strap on it so I can hang it up and he ate some of the leather! He also ate plastic. He loves his wooden carrot toy and his hay ball. Now you know a lot about Pepper. Oh, and most important, I love him!

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