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August 14, 2008

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Alf, the Pet of the Day
Name: Alf
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Degu
Home: Alberta, Canada
   This is my Degu Alf. When I got her she was supposed to be a boy. But we soon found out the hard way that she really was a girl, when she had a litter of six. She must have been pregnant when we brought her home, as we have since found out that the gestation period for degus is 90 days, but they don't really "show" until the last month. By that time we had already gotten her a buddy who just so happened to really be a boy! (Leroy became the step dad). We kept the Leroy with Alf and the babies because he helped take care of the babies and we thought that Alf couldn't become pregnant after just having a litter. But we also later found out that she could become pregnant in the 24 hours after birth. So we wanted everyone to know that about Degus! She had two little boys and four baby girls. Right now we're expecting more but this time she is pregnant with Leroy as the father.

    We have given away all the babies, and Leroy, but we kept two of the baby girls. The best part is the rest of her babies went to all my friends so we can visit and babysit them if their new parents are going to be away. We are so glad they all got good homes, but we were very careful to make sure they would.

    Alf has had a rough time, but after this litter, she will be living happily and baby free! She is a friendly degu, and a good mother, and gets along well with the two of her girls that we kept. It was amazing seeing the babies grow up, but we recommend anyone who gets a degu to bring it to a vet to make sure of the gender, just to be on the safe side. Alf learned her name very quickly, so we kept it, even though it is a "boy" name. She is our sweet, funny, bouncy little Degu Alf, and we love her. She loves being petted, and loves her treats, too.

    To anyone else, if you are going to get a pet, do your research ahead of time, and don't just believe a pet store employee about an animal's gender!

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