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August 13, 2008

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Mary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mary
Age: Fourteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Home: London, England
   My dad went to the pet shop and brought Mary and another bunny called Fatty home, on a Friday evening. On the day I came from school and my mum surprised me, saying "Your dad got you two bunnies". When I saw them in my living room I was stunned, but I did shout about how wonderful they were, which was a mistake as it actually frightened her. The first few days when I got her she was very frightened.

    But now she is perfect, and a calm, happy bunny. She's litter trained as you can see - she just hopped inside her litter box when I took this picture. She was about to nibble the apple slices I had just put in her dish. And she is the best behaved bunny I have ever had. She loves getting attention, and if we don't give it to her, she will go inside her hut and sulk. Her favorite toy is her noisy ball, which has a bell in side it. She loves to play with it so the bell jingles.

    She lives with Fatty, and her babies Lucky, Cutie Lucky, Foxy, Snow-white and Snowflake. Mary is a good mommy, and the best and well-behaved out of all of the rabbits. She loves to lick my hands if I give her treats, her favorite treat is dried nuts.

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