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August 8, 2008

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Paul, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paul
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red-eared Slider
Home: Changchun, Jilin Province, China
   Paul is quite different from other kinds of turtles or tortoises in my eyes, because he has many human actions.

    On my bed, there is a little place for him. So when I put him on the bed lightly, he will crawl to his "zone" without any hesitation. And after I touch his soft neck gently, he closes his eyes slowly and then falls to sleep.The most interesting thing is on the next morning, when he wakes up before I, he won't move until I look at him and smile. After that, he will crawls straight toward my eyes, opens his big mouth just to tell me that he is hungry.

    When he has nothing to do, he likes to play with me. If I am not near him, he will get quite anxious and look for me.

    My friends always say: "What a lucky turtle! Let me be your pet!" because the life I gived him, better than many people. Sometimes, of course not very often, he has food and water while I do not.

    The reason for why he likes and relies on me is because of my attitude toward him. In my heart, he is my centre, my life, I give all my time and energy to him. With him, I am the most happy person in the world; and with me, he is the most happy turtle in the world.

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