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August 1, 2008

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Henry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Henry
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow Nape Amazon
Home: Rochester, Minnesota, USA
   I really had wanted an Amazon for a long time. I had an African Grey who needed a bird who could match wits with him. I knew that in order to find a bird who could do this, I would have to limit my search to an older bird.

    I started my search in Sept. of 2005 and on New Years Eve I found him. He was within an hour of my home. I had been looking on the web for quite some time, thinking I would have to have one shipped. I went to the breeder who had Henry and at first was a little apprehensive about getting him. He had not been socialized very much and was quite nippy. This can be expected when you buy a pre-homed bird.

    After several weeks of nonstop training, Henry not only became a wonderful buddy for my Grey, but he is the most loving Angel to me. He says he loves me and asks for hugs. He loves to cuddle and lay in my arms. He is very intelligent and picked up on his socialization so quickly and so well! Henry is all I had wanted in a second bird, and more.

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