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April 30, 2008

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Smokey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smokey
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Bear hamster
Home: Queen Creek, Arizona, USA
   This is my adorable hamster Smokey as you can see. Let me tell you how I got him. I had one hamster before him whose name was Chipper. My mom was a student teacher, and the class had Chipper as a class pet. So over a break, I was going to take care of Chipper or he would have to stay at school (while they close the school). So when that break was over, my mom forgot to bring him back to school. So then the class said I could keep him. Not long after he turned two, though, Chipper passed away. I was very sad.

    And then the very next day we went to PetsMart. I ran straight to the hamster aisle. The first hamster I saw was a black bear hamster who was literally tapping on the glass. But he only did it when I walked by which showed he liked me, so we bought him. I named him Smokey as in "Smokey the Bear, only you can stop wild fires" because he is a "black bear" hamster.

    He is smart, too, and he knows his name. When he hears his name, he'll turn around, then he squeaks and looks directly at you in a sweet way. Also when I feed him, he hears clicking of food going into the tiny bowl and comes to the cage door when I try to put the bowl in his cage, with his teeth he takes it and puts it in the cage himself! Now isn't that a smart hamster? He is one year old, and his birthday is June 14th.

   I love Smokey and I hope you do to.

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