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April 19, 2008

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Jazz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jazz
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Topear rat
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Jazz is the joy of my life and what makes my world spin. I met Jazz when she was very young in a pet store. I had wanted rats for a while but my parents refused to let me get any. So for about five or six months I would come to this little pet store and see that the little rat had gotten bigger. Around the five-six month mark of her being in that little pet store alone, on pine shavings, with no toys, small cage and an unhealthy diet I was allowed to get her. The employees of the store were very surprised that she was finally getting a home.

    Jazz loves to be held, she loves to cuddle, she loves to play and most of all she loves to eat! She has become quite a little squishy rat already. Jazz has also since gotten some rattie friends and she is the boss of them all, she likes that! Jazz's favourite toy is her tube hammock that I made from an old fleece sweater she spends a lot of her cage time in it. When she is out of her cage she loves to explore her and her other rattie friends will explore my computer desk together finding little bits and bobs that they like to stash such as coins, bottle caps and once the computer mouse!

    Jazz recently has celebrated her first birthday! They enjoyed a cupcake, some baby food, a hard boiled-egg and a new toy. I hope she is with me for a few more years as she is my little heart rat. I have never met a rat with such a great personality and I cannot believe I used to dislike rats in any way.

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