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April 15, 2008

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Ranger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ranger
Age: Seven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Long-Haired Hamster
Home: New Jersey, USA
   Ranger is new but I can have a lot of fun with him already. Already I am seeing he has some unique talents. He can turn around in his tube almost like a flip. When he was scared he leaped half way across the cage (about half a foot). He loves to be cuddled though. If you take him out which he is very good about he will scramble out of your hands unless you make him feel safe and hold him against your stomach and pet his head.

    When you pet a hamster when he is tired and he flips over that usually means that they don't like it or that they want to bite you but not Ranger. When he flips over that just means he wants his stomach rubbed like a little puppy.

    When you think of a hamster with this good of a temper that is new you may think he is always like this but no. We had to help him get this way. In fact when we got him he was hissing in the box. Yes, hissing, like a cat. At least he didn't bite. It was a tough time getting him in his cage, too, he wouldn't cooperate.

    Some funny little facts is it seems like he knows what we are telling him like if we are talking and say "Ranger," he lifts his head and if I say "stand" he comes up and gets on his hind legs. He teethes on his metal bars of his cage, and climbs the bars of his cage. The funniest fact about him though, what makes Ranger, Ranger is he likes a particular song. He perks up his ears when this song came on for the first time. This song is Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Only Ranger would like a song as odd as this.

    All in all he is a friendly, lovable hamster who is equipped and ready for fun.

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