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April 12, 2008

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Freddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freddy
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hamster
Home: Rugby, West Midlands, England
   Freddy is a special boy to me. He's far more entertaining than television! When he wakes up, I can't help but tell everybody in the room "Freddy's just got up" its exciting stuff! He's a big softy, with lots of cuddles to share.

    Freddy shares the living room, with five other hamsters, two rabbits, four budgies, one Bengal finch, a dog and three humans.

    One day not too long ago, Freddy had escaped, I didn't know if I'd find him again in one piece, after six hours of searching for him, I located him fast asleep safe and well under the budgie cage!

    Seeing Freddy in the pet shop, he looked so cute. But bringing him home was a complete nightmare, he tore the box he was in, in the car driving home, as fast as I blocked up the hole, he tore another one, leaving me with hardly any box, so the only thing I could think of, that was safe, when I got home was to put him in was a saucepan whilst I built up his new posh cage. At that point I started to worry we have got a right rogue of a hamster here!

    Then we had a very pleasant surprise. He's calm and placid, now that he's home. He comes to his name, he follows you when he's in his playpen, you can tell when he's eating has favorite treat, as he always eats it with his eyes closed. He loves his sleep, but when he's awake, he just loves his human company. He spends lots of time sitting on shoulders, and ticking your ears (which gives me goose bumps!).

    And to anyone with a hamster, you may never realize how much they mean to you unless they escape. Like Freddy did! To have found him safe and well, I almost threw a party I was so excited!

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