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April 6, 2008

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Valentine, the Pet of the Day
Name: Valentine
Age: Deceased, Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Degu
Home: New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA
   This is my degu Valentine (Vali for short). We bought him from a pet store in 2002 on Valentines day. He died the day after this picture was taken, Jan 20, 2008. I miss him very much. He was the Best Degu I've had. He would climb out onto my hand and let his hind legs hang while I would rub him on his back. He would stay there for quite a while and then would climb up on my shoulder and stay. I was able to do the dishes and make our beds while he rode around on me. He never seemed to mind being held like my other degu did. He would turn his head and look like he was smiling when you scratched him alongside his cheeks. It was so cute, after a while of this he would turn and lightly nibble your finger as if he was grooming you and then turn his cheek back to rub again.

    Vali had a cage friend named Cupid, whom we bought on Valentines Day 2003. He now has a new friend Dig Dig they get along okay, but not the way Vali did. Vali, Cupid, and Dig Dig's favorite foods are dried fruit which they only get once in a while, and grass that they get all summer long.

    Vali loved to go outside and play in his cage in the sun. He would cuddle up with my guinea pig Jack and sleep or just look around and play with Cupid all day.

    He will be greatly missed by the whole family and will always hold a special part of my heart that is just his.

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