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September 15, 2007

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Wellington, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wellington
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA
   My little ferret's name is Wellington, he is a sable colored ferret. This little guy was sooo sick when my boyfriend brought him home. It took about four months of vet appointments and medicine but we finally got him back to himself! He is the absolute most loving, fun, hilarious ferret and I love him more and more every day. We bought him some hats and some little ferret clothes, he hates everything but one red hat! It looks so cute because it is almost bigger than he is.

    Ferrets are definitely one of the greatest pets to have. Welly is always making me laugh with his little dances when he gets excited, stealing my things right in front of my face, digging big holes in the backyard, or just falling asleep in the goofy places and positions he seems to find!

    I actually have three ferrets, but I have a certain bond with Welly. He trusts me and my boyfriend the most. I think because of how sick he was and we took care of him and got him healthy again that he feels safe and knows were are good. He is the only ferret out of our three that falls asleep in bed with us or follows us where ever we are walking. His favorite thing to do is to help me make the bed. He goes crazy and flips around or hides in the sheets or bounces himself off the pillows! And he is definitely a neat freak. If there is a part of the bed that is wrinkled, he will roll on it until it is smoothed out! He is too funny. He also lovesssss the bath. He can't wait to get in and swim around!! Whenever we have a bowl of water out for them, he will dip his whole head in it and move it around like he's swimming! He is also very social and very brave. He has to be where the action is always, and loves to be held. The other two will try to get out of your arms and go do their own thing. Not Welly. He would live in your arms if you let him...

Wellington, the Pet of the Day

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