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September 3, 2007

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Charmer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Charmer
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
   Hi everyone! My name is Charmer, but everyone calls me Charm for short. When I first came to my Mom two and a half years ago, I was timid and shy. Since then I have become quite the character. My favorite hobby is laying in my piggy bed. Just ask my Mom, I'm in it almost 24/7. (I would be if I had the choice!)

    But Mom has me come out of my house every day to visit with my piggy brother and piggy girlfriend. Whenever I see Charlie (my girlfriend) I start purring at her and swing my little white butt at her, Mom always gets a kick out of that. When I feel like it, I climb up on the bars of my house and "blow balloons" at Charlie as Mom calls it. I bite down on the bars so hard that it appears that I'm blowing up like a balloon. I do this when I want my lettuce sometimes too. In the first picture, I'm wrapped up in a towel after my bath. I don't like them too much, but Mom only makes me take them every once in awhile. I'm not quite three years old yet, I will be next month. Mom always has parties for us piggies (we're very spoiled!). She gets us cakes and presents every time it's one of our birthdays. We can't eat the cake of course, so Mom always makes us special birthday salads. In the second picture, Charlie and I are enjoying my birthday salad from last year. This year, my new piggy brother Danny will be sharing my birthday salad with us as well. Thank you for reading about me!

Charmer, the Pet of the Day

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