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Snowflake the Dwarf Rabbit Snowflake
Dwarf Rabbit
Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
September 01, 2007

Dusty the Campbell's hamster Dusty
Campbell's hamster
Illinois, USA
September 02, 2007

Charmer the Guinea Pig Charmer
Guinea Pig
Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
September 03, 2007

Pete the Cockatiel Pete
Adamsville, Alabama, USA
September 04, 2007

Canterbury the Guinea Pig Canterbury
Guinea Pig
Washington DC, USA
September 05, 2007

Sampson the Hypo Leopard Gecko Sampson
Hypo Leopard Gecko
Southern California, USA
September 06, 2007

Moo the Lop Eared Rabbit Moo
Lop Eared Rabbit
September 07, 2007

Kisses the Fancy Dwarf Hamster Kisses
Fancy Dwarf Hamster
Bradford, New York, USA
September 08, 2007

Sammy the Rex coat Fancy Sammy
Rex coat Fancy
Somerset, England
September 09, 2007

Comet the Percheron, Morgan Comet
Percheron, Morgan
Ontario, Canada
September 10, 2007

Reeses the Abyssinian guinea pig Reeses
Abyssinian guinea pig
Splendora, Texas, USA
September 11, 2007

Tuwee Lou the Pekin Duck Tuwee Lou
Pekin Duck
Miami, Florida, USA
September 12, 2007

Jake the Blue and Gold Macaw Jake
Blue and Gold Macaw
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
September 13, 2007

Dutchess the Dutch Rabbit Dutchess
Dutch Rabbit
Newnan, Georgia, USA
September 14, 2007

Wellington the Ferret Wellington
Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA
September 15, 2007

Jelly the Teddybear Hamster Jelly
Teddybear Hamster
Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, USA
September 16, 2007

Rocky the Cockatiel Rocky
Los Angeles, California, USA
September 17, 2007

Brownie the Guinea Pig Brownie
Guinea Pig
Florissant, Missouri, USA
September 18, 2007

Mickie the Teddy Bear Hamster Mickie
Teddy Bear Hamster
Ontario, Canada
September 19, 2007

Gajo the Budgie Gajo
Toronto, Canada
September 20, 2007

Cleo the Dwarf Rabbit Cleo
Dwarf Rabbit
September 21, 2007

Aristotle the Arabian Aristotle
Santee, California, USA
September 22, 2007

Dreamcatcher the Guinea Pig Dreamcatcher
Guinea Pig
September 23, 2007

Tweety the Lovebird Tweety
September 24, 2007

Woody the Gerbil Woody
New York, USA
September 25, 2007

Eduardo the Green Iguana Eduardo
Green Iguana
Dalton, Georgia, USA
September 26, 2007

Brubeck the Flemish Giant Rabbit Brubeck
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
September 27, 2007

Coco the Syrian Hamster Coco
Syrian Hamster
Tucson, Arizona, USA
September 28, 2007

Skunk the Black Hooded rat Skunk
Black Hooded rat
Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA
September 29, 2007

Lucy the Dutch Rabbit Lucy
Dutch Rabbit
Palm City, Florida, USA
September 30, 2007

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