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October 26, 2007

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Sinbad, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sinbad
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pygora Goat
Home: Olalla, Washington, USA
   This is my pet Sinbad, he is a Pygora Goat - many people have never seen a Pygora. But Sinbad is a special pet and companion most of all because he is very friendly and loyal.

    I am a person with a disability. Sinbad goes with me on walks and carries a pack for me. I also clip him once a year and spin his very soft Angora Mohair into yarn so I can make scarves and other handcrafted items out of it. Sinbad lives on our farm with our other animals and he gets along with them, too. He is just a sweetheart and my special friend.

    Pygora's are a wonderful breed of goat.When I decided to buy Sinbad I wanted an Angora goat so, I could spin the mohair. I had goats years ago and, I found that I personally liked the smaller breeds better. Well after doing some research I found the Pygora goat, which is a registered breed of goat. They are a cross between an Angora and a Pygmy goat. The breed has the mohair like an Angora goat but, is smaller like a Pygmy goat.

    When I bought Sinbad I also bought another Whether Pygora goat named Sampson at the same time. Goats are herd animals and it is best if they have a friend to hang out with. Sampson is older then Sinbad so he is the boss (even though Sinbad doesn't seem to rember that most of the time). Since Sinbad was a baby when I got him he likes to go for walks and play more then Sampson. They are both very gentle and friendly goats and love to be petted. The more attention they can get the happier they are. Sinbad loves to play "king of the hill 'with Sampson. He and Sampson all so share the pasture with my Miniature horse named Tory.

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