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October 18, 2007

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Holly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Holly
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quaker parrot
Home: Riverside, California, USA
   This is Holly, our Quaker parrot. She is a wonderful pet. She is very busy all the time with her toys, including a few pieces of dowel we had cut for some perches. She carries them around and pokes them between the cage bars until she gets them just where she wants them, then, moves them again to another spot. She also has a group of four plastic rings that are hung from her swing and she grabs the end one and hooks it to a side of her cage, then unhooks it and moves it to another side.

    She loves to dance and sings when music is played. She especially loves Kenney Chesney. When my husband comes home from work she say "Hello cutie" if I come home I just get the standard "Hello". When we leave the house through the front door she says "Bye Bye."

    She says "what are you doing?" until you tell her and if you ask her what she's doing she says "I don't know". She calls the kitty then meows, she barks and also coughs to get attention because my husband coughs from having asthma. Once I stayed with my mom after a surgery and I when I came home from a doctor visit, she said "Your bird is so sick, she has been coughing since you left."

    She is very funny and sweet, she tells the dogs to "Get down" and "Stop it" She has learned many whistles including the wolf whistle. We have only had her about three and a half years and she began talking immediately. Recently she even asked me "What are you thinking about?"

    I never thought a bird would have so much personality, but she says the right things at the right times and amazes us daily.

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