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October 7, 2007

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Bentley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bentley
Age: Deceased, five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Australian Budgie
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   This was my bird Bentley. He died in April because he had a breathing problem that the vet said we couldn't fix. So what made Bentley special is... well tons of things! He would give my other bird LittleLady kisses all the time. He would scratch her head, feed her seeds and clean her feathers. When I let him fly around the house he would always come back and land on my shoulder. He too gave me kisses on my cheek! I remember me and the birds would do Christmas pictures. I would but them in front on the tree, on an angel, and in the little manger. He would always stay still for the picture. When I had my friends were over he would get sooo exited and fly around in his cage and chirp really loud, so I let him out and he flew around all of us. But then the week after that I noticed when I took him out his feathers were fluffed and he was breathing really heavily, of course we phoned the vet but she didn't know that much about birds so she said keep him warm so we did. Then two weeks later I found Bentley at the bottom of the cage with Lady trying to wake him up. It was heartbreaking! I was crying so hard. I buried him in the garden with tons of flowers around him with a cross saying believe and peace. What can I say? He was so sweet and he loved everyone. He is missed. Rest in peace, little guy!

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