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November 29, 2007

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Maxi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maxi
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Grey Cockatiel
Home: Joliet, Illinois, USA
   Maxi is our oldest bird. He is a normal grey tiel and turned fifteen years old on August 25th. We got Maxi one year after the loss of our last parakeet. We discussed whether to get another keet or go one step up to a cockatiel. Once we decided on a tiel, we asked our vet if she knew of any one selling cockatiels. We were in luck as one of the employees at the vet clinic had five baby tiels who just hatched. We put our name in for one. My mom called each week for an update on the tiels progress. When ten weeks came around, we got the call saying the tiels were weened and ready to go to their new homes. Since we were the first, we got our choice of the five babies. My mom wanted a male tiel so the girl checked over each tiel and handed her a bouncing fluffy male tiel.

    We brought him home and promptly named him Maximillian, Maxi for short. He was a lot of fun to raise. He is an independent bird, not much on toys, but is very fond of my mom. He also talks but only when he wants to. Sometimes when he is bored, he will go upstairs climb up onto the couch or chair and start talking. If you turn down the sound of the TV to hear him, he will shut up and only resume when you turn the TV sound back up. We call him our "closet talker." He started talking when he was about six months old. He doesn't have a large vocabulary but what he says sounds very cute. He has become a great companion to our other tiel, Kacey. He watches over her and protects her since her wing injury. In turn she has taught him the joys of playing with toys. Together they will toss all their foot toys out of their pet tents to be picked up by us and tossed again. As senior bird, I think Maxi deserves to be honored.

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