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November 17, 2007

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Brooks, the Pet of the Day
Name: Brooks
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red Eared Slider Turtle
Home: Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my Red Eared Slider Brooks; she will be four years old in March. She originally came from Bradenton, Florida and now resides in Erie, Pennsylvania in her 125-gallon turtle tank. Brooksie (my nickname for her) loves to eat red leaf lettuce, her turtle pellets, carrots, rosy red minnows, and ham - though she gets that very rarely, only as a treat.

    People don't realize what personality a turtle can have. When Brooks is hungry (which is all the time because Red Eared Sliders are known to be beggars) she splashes me and gets me pretty wet! That gets my attention every time - and she knows it. She has a wonderful personality and disposition and lets anyone hold her without fussing or retreating into her shell. When I come home it's a joy to see my beautiful girl! She is my special friend.

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