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November 13, 2007

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Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Michigan, USA
   Buddy is a brown and white guinea pig. We do not know her breed, but we do know that she is a sweetie!

    We paid five dollars for Buddy. Originally, when my parents finally told me I could get a pet, I immediately told them that I wanted a guinea pig. We checked with the nearby shelters, and no one had any guinea pigs. We looked at Petsmart, but they were too expensive. Finally, one day while we were grocery shopping, I noticed they had guinea pigs for sale. We looked at them, and I had one all picked out. But before we left, the man working there told us to get another one, so that my new guinea pig, Pepsi, wouldn't be lonely. My sister started begging my mom to let her choose one, and ten minutes later, Buddy was paid for and in the car.

    We had only had the guinea pigs for a few months when my sister lost interest in them and handed Buddy over to me. I no longer had to ask to get in her room to play with the pigs. Their cage was moved into my room, and the guinea pigs were all my responsibility. For a while, Buddy was just sort of in the background. I was more focused on Pepsi, our other guinea pig who is a male, because he had been mine the whole time. But Buddy wiggled her way into my heart, and now I love her just as much as Pepsi. And they love each other, too. My favorite thing to do with her is to flip her over on her back and rub her belly, because she'll stay there and purr to me because she loves it. Her favorite treat is strawberries, and that's my favorite to give to her. When she eats them, the juice stains her white belly/neck/chest and it looks like she tried to put lipstick on! We have so much fun together, and I am so glad we listened to the man at the store and bought her. Buddy has turned out to be the best five dollars I have ever spent!

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