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November 12, 2007

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Zizi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zizi
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lovebird
Home: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
   This Princess Zipporah Precious Peachy Pinkerton, or, Zizi - as that is a big name for such a little bird! She is my one year old lovebird.

    Zizi is silly as well as sweet, she enjoys trying to attack and take apart my ponytail, hooking her beak around the elastic. This is a picture of her a few weeks after I first brought her home... posing and watching that birdie in the mirror!

    She is my little angel. I love her so much, I spend all my free time playing or just being with her or worrying about her. She is very healthy and happy and has chosen me as her mate. Last week, she laid four eggs! All unfertilized, so she is going to have to watch her calcium. Or at least I will make sure she does, as a bird mom, that's my responsibility to keep her healthy. She is my little darling!

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