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November 7, 2007

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Pee Wee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pee Wee
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fallow-Cheeked Conure
Home: Kirtland, Ohio, USA
   Pee Wee is a rescue bird. She was left on a doorstep of a lady who raises large parrots, like Amazons and African Greys, Cockatoos, etc.

    When we saw her, we decided she would make a nice addition to our family. We have owned her for ten years, but are not sure of her 'actual' age. She loves to eat off our plates and goes everywhere with us (her wings are clipped) so she can go outside and some times shopping! People love to stop and say hello to her!

    Pee Wee loves to take a bath in her little dish especially when she hears water running. Before her bath, she says "Singin in the Rain" and if we sing that song, she gets really excited! She also calls out "Pussycat!!!" She lives above the kitchen sink - her perches are made of apple tree branches and her toys are hanging on them. We gave her a grape-vine wreathe which she loves to sit in and play with her bell. She is so happy there so she can look out the kitchen window at the wild birds at the bird feeder. When someone pulls in the driveway, she screeches and calls out "Hello" - which gets our two dogs barking... it's a real zoo here, but a fun one!

   Long live Pee Wee!!!

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