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May 31, 2007

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Laya, the Pet of the Day
Name: Laya
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Home: Mississippi, USA
   Laya came to me as just a small gray bundle of fluff. Her coloring (Dove) is quite rare for my area and I was so glad to have found her. She is aging gracefully and turned one year old in March. I had been studying breeding of hamsters for quite some time before I found Laya. And I decided to breed her to my satin coated argente mottled Russian Campbell Hamster, Studly. They had two litters together. Two beautiful litters. I kept the one and only girl that they ever had, and named her Anna.

    Laya now lives in a large 29-gallon long aquarium with her daughter, Anna. They are very happy together, with the occasional mother-daughter squabbles. You know - life with a teenager, I guess. Laya is among the most well-tempered of all seven of my dwarf hamsters. She has brought much joy to my life, and I hope this joy will continue for a long time. Laya is also the most acrobatic of all the hamsters I've had. Yes, acrobatic. She hangs upside down from all tall accessories. She could win the hamster high jump in a competition, I bet.

    Along with joy, she brings humor. You could have the time of your life, just to watching my Laya for a mere ten minutes. The extremely fast pace life that she lives on a day to day basis is more than I can comprehend. Maybe she could teach me some day, how to be such a good mommy to my own children. I love you, Laya Baby. =)

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